I seriously can’t write anymore!

No, these are not those times when I keep saying that I don’t write sensible stuff, don’t know how to write or can’t get enough time or don’t want to go public. I just simply can’t write.  Da Family thinks I have myself to blame for it. I tell you…totally not funny!!!

Today’s Topic : Other people’s actions, words and thoughts.

(1) I heard some of the most serious people talk gibberish in front of other people. But then they only do so when they are talking to …

hehhehe…seriously, hear them talk to these lovable creatures…just hear (not see) and you’d wonder if they were the same people you knew!

(2) I heard someone say that it can’t be light everywhere on earth (the discussion was supposedly with reference to Diwali). When it is light for someone, it automatically means darkness for someone else. Well, doesn’t automatically means so, but does mean the absence of direct light. Oh yes…there is moonlight etc etc and you can go on and on about that but this man just lost someone to another man. How do you answer that question? I didn’t, I couldn’t. For a moment I thought of using one of these …  night is darkest before dawn, every night is followed by a beautiful day, rainbows follow rain, every cloud has a silver lining, everything happens for good etc etc. But then, we all know these…don’t we? Sometimes all a friend needs is someone to hear him/her out. Just be there and listen to him, say nothing, do nothing…just listen!

(3) I wish people could borrow/lend knowledge or experience for a few days. Then, I’d lend some people some of my experiences (whatever little that I’ve managed to gather) to make them understand somethings and open their eyes . But then, everybody needs to chart out their own path.

However, if we continue with the borrow/lend theory…then I could borrow some experiences…something like reliving those moments of other’s lives in my mind. That would make me aware of what a person feels at that point of time. Cool na? 😀  (Btw, I have yet not seen Inception and do not know its story either…so this idea is not at all inspired by that…as if it makes a difference)


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