Men will be Men !!!

This man has a life every man would dream of and is feeling guilty to have it all!!!

A homemaker and a soul mate…two different people…wow!  To me, the homemaker sounds more like a warm caretaker(here). Typically a man is responsible for her and their children. And the one whom he calls a soul-mate, seems to be a person he desires (mostly physically).  He claims to love them both equally…why wouldn’t he…he gets everything he wants! And his definition of love is … ?

Its amazing…the women here have no problems with this arrangement either. I don’t think I can “love” any man so much that I would be willing to accept such an arrangement and share him with another woman. I’d much rather be a bit more selfish!

Once, there was a discussion of this sort and I had voiced my opinion, quite vociferously I might add (which is typical of me). One of the people there asked me…what is worse, your man sleeping with another woman or his mind belonging to her while he is with you? Not quite getting into the question of infidelity, what would upset a woman more…thoughts of another woman or arms of another woman around your husband?


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