“Often it takes some calamity to make us live in the present. Then suddenly we wake up and see all the mistakes we have made.”

~ Bill Watterson

No Calamity has happened but I have decided to change my routine a bit. Well, atleast try to change it. And mistakes – well, I’ve made some but you can’t keep looking back and wallow over past. Think for a bit, learn(and remember) the lessons and keep walking. Keep Walking.



“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

~ Reinhold Niebuhr

Last few days have been different for me, different in a very different sort of way. I wonder whether I have actually changed as a result and more than anything…will I retain and remember everything that is in my mind right now, especially since I am not writing it down anywhere. This time, this one…I shouldn’t have to work towards remembering.

In life, the only thing we can change is probably our attitude. And sometimes, it is the simplest of things which change our attitudes in the most unexpected way. Sometimes, it is the simplest, most insignificant things which makes us feel alive, much more than anything possibly could.

I am grateful but I hope my gratitude never translates into complacency.

Men will be Men !!!

This man has a life every man would dream of and is feeling guilty to have it all!!!

A homemaker and a soul mate…two different people…wow!  To me, the homemaker sounds more like a warm caretaker(here). Typically a man is responsible for her and their children. And the one whom he calls a soul-mate, seems to be a person he desires (mostly physically).  He claims to love them both equally…why wouldn’t he…he gets everything he wants! And his definition of love is … ?

Its amazing…the women here have no problems with this arrangement either. I don’t think I can “love” any man so much that I would be willing to accept such an arrangement and share him with another woman. I’d much rather be a bit more selfish!

Once, there was a discussion of this sort and I had voiced my opinion, quite vociferously I might add (which is typical of me). One of the people there asked me…what is worse, your man sleeping with another woman or his mind belonging to her while he is with you? Not quite getting into the question of infidelity, what would upset a woman more…thoughts of another woman or arms of another woman around your husband?

Life is so very Beautiful

It’s not just an eye opener. It shook me completely. I have never been so happy and so sad in my life.

The last two days (earlier in the week) were probably one of the saddest days of my life. For the first time I realized what real depression felt like. And for the first time I felt so happy yesterday…so so absolutely happy to live my life, just the way it is. I have never felt so have to have epilepsy! My dear darling Epilepsy, my baby…we’ll be friends forever. I’ll never ever treat you badly from now on. I’ll never say anything bad about you. I love my life…every bit of it!!!

For the first time I realized that the nervous system is very important…but there are other parts of the body which are important too.

Death is not the worst that can happen to a person…though that is something I already knew, but never actually felt it. There is a lot of difference between knowing something, try to imagine it in your mind and actually feeling the real possibility of it. Of course actually going through something is …well, no words. I wish no one…absolutely no one has to suffer any of this. Health is definitely the real wealth. Forget about comparing…nothing even comes close.

Life is so beautiful. It is so very beautiful…you really can’t afford to take anything for granted.

Wonder what’ll happen tomorrow…

The more I read and know…the more disillusioned and disheartened I get. My heart is almost sinking. What will they say tomorrow. Not something nice for sure…but how bad…how bad is it…what stage…

I was so much better and happy a week back, with all those health problems and other problems I had in life. Actually I was so happy, had no problems at all…or atleast I had learnt to cope with them. How just the sudden knowledge of something gets depression in your life, without it directly affecting you substantially, presently. For the first time, I really don’t want to know my future, maybe because I can guess a part of it…

Today I have nothing else to write except … “WHY ME” ?

Why should I be the chosen one … the lucky one, all the time, every time? Every time, I genuinely begin to thank God, and then something happens and I end up wondering about all his tests. How long … what next … how much more? Of course, I am going to fight…but, is it that bad to ask … why me?

I seriously can’t write anymore!

No, these are not those times when I keep saying that I don’t write sensible stuff, don’t know how to write or can’t get enough time or don’t want to go public. I just simply can’t write.  Da Family thinks I have myself to blame for it. I tell you…totally not funny!!!

Today’s Topic : Other people’s actions, words and thoughts.

(1) I heard some of the most serious people talk gibberish in front of other people. But then they only do so when they are talking to …

hehhehe…seriously, hear them talk to these lovable creatures…just hear (not see) and you’d wonder if they were the same people you knew!

(2) I heard someone say that it can’t be light everywhere on earth (the discussion was supposedly with reference to Diwali). When it is light for someone, it automatically means darkness for someone else. Well, doesn’t automatically means so, but does mean the absence of direct light. Oh yes…there is moonlight etc etc and you can go on and on about that but this man just lost someone to another man. How do you answer that question? I didn’t, I couldn’t. For a moment I thought of using one of these …  night is darkest before dawn, every night is followed by a beautiful day, rainbows follow rain, every cloud has a silver lining, everything happens for good etc etc. But then, we all know these…don’t we? Sometimes all a friend needs is someone to hear him/her out. Just be there and listen to him, say nothing, do nothing…just listen!

(3) I wish people could borrow/lend knowledge or experience for a few days. Then, I’d lend some people some of my experiences (whatever little that I’ve managed to gather) to make them understand somethings and open their eyes . But then, everybody needs to chart out their own path.

However, if we continue with the borrow/lend theory…then I could borrow some experiences…something like reliving those moments of other’s lives in my mind. That would make me aware of what a person feels at that point of time. Cool na? 😀  (Btw, I have yet not seen Inception and do not know its story either…so this idea is not at all inspired by that…as if it makes a difference)

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